Old Roxbury Days


| March/April 1988

  • John Deeres at Old Roxbury Days
    A view of some of the John Deeres at Old Roxbury Days.
  • McCormick Deering W9
    A 1945 McCormick Deering W9 owned by Dudlie Diebold of Roxbury.

  • John Deeres at Old Roxbury Days
  • McCormick Deering W9

52A South Main Street, New Milford, CT 06776.

On July 25 and 26, 1987 the town of Roxbury, Connecticut was full of activity as the Roxbury Volunteer Fire Department and Roxbury Historical Society held the 16th annual Old Roxbury Days.

Over 9000 people passed through the main gate on South Street and stepped back in time. The town hall was turned into an old time country store. The Booth Free School was open to display arts and crafts. Across the street was a flea market and a display of antique cars and trucks.

The field next to the town hall was full of antique tractors, engines, and equipment. You may wonder how full the field was? Try 39 tractors, several gas engines, a thresher, ensilage cutter, shingle mill and wood planer. Many of the gas engines just didn't sit around all day, they worked pumping water, sawing wood, shelling corn, and grinding corn, while the tractors supplied the power for the large pieces of equipment.

A special event happened in 1987 at Old Roxbury Days, sort of a show within a show, as the Roxbury Historical Society hosted the Southern New England John Deere Celebration. With 1987 being the 150th anniversary of Deere & Company many collectors brought John Deere equipment to display. Nineteen two-cylinder John Deere tractors were displayed as were several pieces of John Deere equipment.

Slow tractor races were held both Saturday and Sunday, with many of the tractors in attendance participating.