Old Roxbury Days

| June/July 1991

52A South Main Street, New Milford, Connecticut 06776

A record-smashing year! At least for everyone involved with the Old Roxbury Days fair in Roxbury, Connecticut. The Roxbury Volunteer Fire Department hosted the 19th annual Old Roxbury Days fair with a record attendance for recent years, of over 7,000 people. Another record also, for the Roxbury Historical Society, as they had on display a total of 96 antique farm tractors.

One of the unique things about Old Roxbury Days is that when you look at all the old farm equipment and tractors, that's all you see. For you people who have never been to our show, we have a rule that states, 'No cars, trucks, campers or vendors in the display area.' The reason for this is that we feel the public who pay the price of admission to come in to see our fair want to see an old time fair, and not a bunch of late model pickup trucks with engines on the tailgate, or campers set up with engines out in front of them. We want them to feel that they have actually stepped back in time to an old time fair, something that their grandparents may have attended in years past.

Exhibitors from all around the state of Connecticut and neighboring states of New York, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire had items on display. These exhibits ranged in size from scale model engines to tractors. Some exhibitors had hands-on displays for the children to learn about the old time ways that their parents and grandparents may have used when they were growing up.

The Roxbury Historical Society had many of its pieces of equipment out on display and running. Gas engines provided power for the water pumps, corn shellers, grinders, cord wood saw, drag saw, and threshing machine. The tractors were called upon to belt up to the wood planer, shingle mill, ensilage cutter, and hay press.

The hay press that was on display is owned by Dudley Diebold of Roxbury. This piece of equipment is a real crowd pleaser-people gather around and watch with amazement as this machine presses the straw from the thresher into bales. Viewers are impressed with the timing that the operators have to have to run this machine, from forking in the straw, to dropping the spacer blocks, to inserting the wire and tying off the bales.