Oil Field Engine News

| January/February 2002

  • OFES members
    OFES members pose at last year's Portland show. Russell Farmer is third from left, front row.

  • OFES members

Greetings, Oilfield Engine enthusiasts! This month we have the OFES group photo taken at the 2001 Portland show. I am so thrilled that the society has grown so much in such a short time. I have met so many wonderful folks - it makes me feel as though we all are a family of sorts. I would like to once again thank Brother Matt Flanigan for all his work on the OFES pork chop dinner at Portland. On the subject of dinner, we will again have an OFES winter dinner meeting for our members in the Midwest at Hagerstown, Ind. We will set a date and send a mailing with details as the time approaches.

For those Oaf's in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, Brother Bill Tremel has indicated he'd like to try and start a similar 'Appalachian Region' mid-winter dinner. Bill's contact information is listed at the end of his interesting article on the D.C. & U convertible steam and gas engine, which appears on page 29, following his and Joe Prinzinger's fascinating article on the history of the Tillinghast Machine Shop, which starts on page 25. I hope you enjoy reading these articles as much as I did, and as always, please contact me if you'd like a free membership in the Oil Field Engine Society.

Contact Russell Farmer, Oil Field Engine Society, at: 1231 Banta's Creek Rd., Eaton, Ohio 45320-9701, or e-mail at: oilengine@voyager.net