Northwest Ohio Antique Machinery Association Annual Show Report

| March/April 1977

Ohio 45817

It is said a story of success may start with a tragedy. That is what we started with this year. On Friday, our first day of show started out with rain, and, as the day progressed, it only rained harder. We couldn't do anything and didn't have enough people to pay postage. On the second day, though, that was not quite true. We had a polka dance in the afternoon and evening and the floor was dry and covered with people.

Saturday morning is when we like to think we got started and what a start we had. The mud, tramped by thousands of people, plus hot sun made the grounds a hard, dry, dustless place of enjoyment for all.

We had plenty of logs for the old Enterprize saw mill and Gilbert Oborn, E. J. Haffer and, when he wasn't making apple butter, Ted Yoder (all top sawyers) kept the saw running the rest of the weekend. A small nail in one of the walnut logs gave people a chance to see them file saw blade.

Saturday went along about as we had it scheduled. The craft tent being an outstanding attraction for the ladies who were interested in spinning of wool, weaving, macramae and pottery demonstrations.

Threshing by one or the other of our separators, one for gas and the other for steam went, on an increased schedule due to not being able to run Friday.