Northwest Antique Power Association


| January/February 1998

Model C 10-20 Heider

Jim and Delores Matson's 1920, model C 10-20 Heider.

27 Loon Lake Road, Bigfork, Montana 59911

In the northwest corner of Montana we have three wonders of the world: Glacier National Park, Hungry Horse Dam, and the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi. Now we can add one more the Northwest Antique Power Association annual show, all within 40 miles of each other. This year it was held on September 6 and 7, 1997, in Columbia Falls.

Displayed in four rows were 58 tractors, 55 stationary engines, one 1909 Case 15 HP steam engine, and three scale steam trains giving rides all day long.

I don't know for sure if El Nino had any effect on our grain crop, but it was a good one! The men ran the separator twice a day for two days, using the 1909 Case steam engine as a power unit. The grain was augered into a genuine horse-drawn wooden grain wagon.

The straw from the separator was then baled by Clyde Pederson's Allis Chalmers Roto Baler (late '40s).

A horizontal shingle mill, run by Steve Sky berg, cut cedar shingles both days. Our club logo was then branded into the shingle and given away.