Northwest Antique Power Association

| January/February 1997

Sec. 603 Loon Lake Road Bigfork, Montana 59911

Northwest Antique Power Association, Branch 47, of northwest Montana held their show in Columbia Falls, on September 7 & 8, 1996. We had beautiful weather and a good crowd both days.

We had 15 exhibitors, showing 57 engines, 35 tractors, 1 windmill, 2 steam engines and even 2 scale steam trains, which were offering free rides all day. Exhibitors came from Idaho, Oregon and Wisconsin. Engines ranged from HP up to 35 HP.

Both days the public could see how shingles were cut and how grain was threshed. Logs were sawed with a drag saw. Corn was ground in a burr mill. Plowing was done both days by gas tractors and steam tractors. Pushing a barrel with tractors was a fun thing to see. Also, they had a contest to see who could back up to an egg without cracking the shell. A grabbing clutch was not wanted in this contest.

A logging skid pan was used in the pulling contest. If the pan was pulled with a load of people on it, then a crawler tractor was run up on the pan. As the tractor was moving the pan, people would jump on again until the tractor spun out.

The noon tractor parade saw all the tractors running the course. Part way through the parade an 18-36 Hart Parr was seen with a very stiff chain hooked up to a 10-20 Hart Parr. Now, Jim, I know we have cold winter in Montana, but not that cold in September. Jim swears he was pushing the 18-36, but we suspect he ran out of gas!