Northeast Iowa Farm and Antique Association Show

| May/June 1988

RR #1, Box 169, Strawberry Point, IA 50276

The Sixth Annual Northeast Iowa Farm and Antique Association Show was scheduled to be held at the Plagman Barn on September 18, 19 and 20, 1987 but on the 16 and 17 the Guttenberg-Garber area received about 5 inches of rain turning our show grounds into a sea of mud.

We all hoped and prayed for dry and sunshiny weather for the 18, 19 and 20th. Since we were rained out the first 2 days of last year, we were hoping our luck would change this year. But according to Murphy's Law if you drop a piece of buttered bread on the floor, it will land butter side down and that was the way the weather turned out for us.

On Friday the 18th we had invited the neighboring elementary school children to our show. Several districts accepted, bringing their teachers for a few hours break from their school studies. The weather was overcast and a light mist was falling most of the day but we managed to do a little threshing, sawing, shredding and grinding.

The women held up their end of the show by giving the household demonstrations of churning butter, making homemade soap, homemade bread, apple butter and apple cider, besides washing clothes with an old washing machine, having a furnished log cabin and a country store.

It was all most humorous watching the teachers trying to get the children rounded up and back on the buses to return to their schools.