News From Gas Engine Reunions

News from gas engine reunions held in Bird City, Kansas and Niobrara, Nebraska.

| May/June 1967

  • The plywood
    A display of GEM and IMA magazines at the gas engine reunion. Photo courtesy of Edwin H. Bredemeier, Burchard, Nebraska.
  • Keck thresher
    Threshing near Carlyle, Illinois in 1949, with a 36 foot Keck thresher and W D 40, IHC tractor. Photo courtesy of H. E. Beckemeyer, Tolono, Illinois.

  • The plywood
  • Keck thresher

Learn about the latest news from gas engine reunions. 

The latest news from gas engine reunions. This pickup with the plywood leaning against the side is what the people saw at Bird City, Kansas on September 30 and at Niobrara, Nebraska, October 1 & 2 Reunions. I had this display of the GEM and IMA magazines to show the contents so I could take subscriptions. I met the nicest people and heard a lot of remarks about the display. One that I remember well from a senior citizen who said that it was a shame to cut up such nice magazines to staple the sheet to a board.

This is how I made this display. I had two of each of the magazines and cut them down the backs and used the odd number pages from one and the even number pages from the other, fastening them to the plywood so one could read the entire magazine without turning a page.

There was a good crowd at both reunions and good programs. That included steam engines, old tractors, gas engines, threshing steam engines plowing and scale models of all sizes. That always had a crowd around. At the Northeast Nebraska Reunion they also sawed logs into lumber with steam and threshed with 6 team horse power and hand feed thresher with web straw carrier owned by William J. Mayberry of Niobrara, Nebraska, whose farm the reunion was held on.