| January/February 1991

75 Kendall Avenue Framingham, Massachusetts 01701.

A new gasoline engine show held on September 29 and 30 at St. Johnsbury, Vermont as part of the Lion's Club 1st Annual Fall Foliage Festival was a successful affair with 25 gasoline engines and two steam engines in operation.

Charles Aldrich of St. Johnsbury was in charge of the engine setups and the show was considered as being a successor to the former 'Holiday in the Hills' activities which were conducted for many years at Victory and Granby, Vermont.

In addition to the engines, Paul Whittemore of Rutland demonstrated his miniature steam-powered merry-go-round which included appropriate recorded music. A trailer display from Chichester, New Hampshire included a Kohler World War II Army lighting plant, a vacuum pump from a 1930 milking machine, a World War II air raid turbine siren, two Briggs & Stratton gasoline engines, and a Guptil forest fire pump

An item of unusual interest was 'Woodchuck,' a 20-foot long 5 HP steam launch. The boat has been rebuilt three times since 1899 and some of the original mahogany and cypress used in its construction is still in place. It was described by its owner as a simple steam engine with no condensing.

George Stanley of Victory, Vermont had part of his engine collection in operation during this show. They included a 1? HP Empire, a 3 HP Sandwich, a 2 HP Witte drag saw, a 4 HP Witte powering an ice cream freezer, a 5 HP Hercules and a Myers water pump that was driven by a 2 HP International Harvester engine.