| March/April 1978

John Deere corn sheller

Very nice John Deere corn sheller owned by E. L.

R.D. #2, Box 118, Littlestown, Pennsylvania 17340

Despite the chilly and dreary weather, the local antique gas engine nuts turned out Sunday, October 16, 1977 for a fall gas-up. Though we only had a small showing, a greater variety of engines could not have been had - 6 HP Grays Brothers, 6 HP Quincy, 3 HP Simplicity, 2 HP New Holland, 1 HP Mogul Jr., 8 cycle Aeromotor, 6 HP Foos, John Deere Standard, 6 HP IHC Victor, 1? HP International type M, 2 HP Witte Drag Saw and MORE!

For our first show here in Kingsdale, Pennsylvania, we were happy with the turnout - at least it is a start. The crowd represented the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and Minnesota. Special thanks to Ken Forney, Edgar and Jim Miller, E. L. Russell, James Erb and family, George Bittle, his sons, Brian and Chris, Danny Spangler and LeRoy A. Baumgardner, Jr., AND thanks to the wonderful folks at Muller's Grocery Store!!! Hmm, did they have good food and hot drinks!

Log sawing by Ken Forney's 2 HP Witte provided excitement along with E. L. Russell's John Deere corn sheller powered by a 1? HP John Deere. Chris Bittle was the manpower behind feeding the corncobs into the sheller.

One more word of thanks to all the other people who lent a helping hand. And a very hearty thanks to Glen Kindig, farm equipment dealer, for use of his land! Plans are in the making for another show in 1978 (contact LeRoy Baumgardner, Jr., R.D. #2 or E. L. Russell, R.D. #1, Littlestown, Pennsylvania 17340), let's keep a good thing going! (And no more engines dumped off the back of the truck, Gail!)