Nardin, Oklahoma Show

| May/June 1986

  • Oklahoma Show

  • Oklahoma Show

225 W. Randolph, Enid, OK 73701

In northern Oklahoma, about 30 miles south of the Kansas state line, lies the frontier town of Nardin. It has diminished to a population of about 100 for 364 days each year, but on the Saturday before Memorial Day, it swells past its boundaries to approximately 3000 people. These people come from far away places to celebrate a deep rooted heritage in all of us. 'To get back home.'

Along with arts and crafts, threshing, horseshoe pitching and kids' games, engine and tractor buffs bring their equipment for young and old to enjoy. This is not a club, just people who like to show equipment and visit with others who do, too.

To bring the town back to the present time, a sky diving exhibition is usually the last event of the day.