My Version of Farmall Development

| February/March 1992

Box 119, Elnora, Indiana 47529

I have enclosed a picture of my version of part of the Farmall development, the 1922 experimental, which wasn't successful, but was the forerunner of the early Farmall Regular in 1923. Now all I had to go by was a picture from a tractor encyclopedia, my only view. I tried archives, etc., but no luck. So this is what I turned up with, to the best of my capabilities. You can read about this Farmall in C. H. Wendel's book, 150 Years of International Harvester. I suppose none of the tractors still exist. I have spent lots of time and expense trying to locate more information, but no luck!

I have taken this tractor to two shows so far this year. It really is an attractive tractor and sure draws lots of attention. I am quite proud of it. I'm 70 years old and really enjoy the antique tractors.

You may remember other pictures previously published (August 91 issue), showing another of my rare projects- the A. C. R. Farmall (meaning assembled combination-reproduction) that I did in the winter of 1989-1990, and some information about my 1924 Regular Farmall Ser. #FC609. Only four of these still exist as far I know. Understand that the Bombshell and A.C.R. are my versions.

I have another very rare type Regular Farmall NT WF, with 1928 duck bill steering gear cover. This is the only one that I have ever seen or heard of. Although the WF was not available until the early F-20 days and was also designed to make a field change on the earlier Regular, this one is a 1928 model with the conversion. Now I would say that my A.C.R., that I have just mentioned, could be the forerunner of this WF NT duck bill Regular Farmall.

I have mentioned before that I am 70 years old but act like a little boy yet. I have 40 show tractors, all McCormick Deerings and I.H.C. except one 1936 A JD on beautiful steel and an L Huber, 1939, on beautiful steel also. In addition, I have approximately 200 1/12 scale models, all kinds.