| May/June 1993

207 Church Road, R.D. 3, Mountaintop, Pennsylvania 18707-2342

Here are a few snaps of the small show sponsored by Valley Historical Engine Association here in Mountaintop, Pennsylvania, about 4 miles north of Exit 39 on 180, just off Road 309.

We have a lot of fun on Father's Day. This will mark 15 years. We started out as a club, but ran 'out of gas,' so I and my friend, Brian Updyke, from Sweet Valley, kept it up. Well, Brian moved, but I am still having the one-day just-for-fun show. In 1992 I had to cancel because our business was taking too much time, but we are ready for 1993 and hope to have another good show. Sometimes we had as many as 42 engines, three tractors and lots of other items.

Stop here on the way home from Cool Springs. You are always welcome! Come Saturday evening with your camper, but call ahead! I hope to have two people helping this year. There will be a display for sure of a 16-30 Rumely, five sideshaft engines, plus a one-flywheel Olds.

We have sit toilets and about three acres for display and parking, and some shade, so come early!