More on the Buckeye at Riverbend

| November/December 1998

  • Buckeye 5 cylinder diesel engine

  • A one cylinder engine

  • Buckeye 5 cylinder diesel engine
  • A one cylinder engine

18490 W. Church Road, Howard City, Michigan 49329

In the March issue of GEM you ran an article on the Riverbend Steam and Gas Show, written by Rick Gelder of Byron Center, Michigan. I would like to add to the article about the 1921 300 HP Buckeye 5 cylinder diesel engine mentioned within the article.

I found it in a growth of woods where it had laid for approximately the last 35 years. The owner was going to power his sawmill with it but never got around to doing it. He died about four years ago. I tried to buy it for 30 years from him but he wouldn't sell it. After he died I bought it from his wife. The generator had been destroyed by vandals about a week before I bought it.

Very little information is available pertaining to it.

It has a cubic inch displacement of 2,180. It turns 415 rpm. I'm guessing it's 300 HP. It is a direct injected engine. It holds 50 gallons of oil. It has three valves per cylinder, individual cylinder heads and a three-piece connecting rod. The lobes on the camshaft can be unbolted and taken off. It has roller valve lifters and individual injector pumps. It ' starts cold immediately. It was supposed to crank with air, but I used a pony motor (which is also a diesel). At the time I restored it, I couldn't find parts to rebuild the injectors. I only had one that would work so, I built it up as a one cylinder engine. Afterward, I found parts to rebuild the rest of the injectors.

I had fun restoring it and showing it. It was too heavy for me to haul on my trailer, and Del Vanden Bosch wanted it, so I sold it to him in 1997. He brought it back to me last week to finish it so it will run on all five cylinders. He got some parts for it but I will have to make some of them.


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