More On Hill Diesels

| February/March 1997

9955 14 Mile Road, Marshall, Michigan 49068

In my continuing quest for Hill diesels, parts and information I ran across a fellow, Raymond Peterson, who I talked to at Mason, Michigan, a collector of Hills and other engines. He had a supply of Hill parts he had obtained from WHW Machine & Tool Company in Lansing, Michigan, who were the parts suppliers for Hills after Hill closed.

After trying to locate Raymond again, I found out he had been admitted to a nursing home and his nephew, Donald Rohde, was cleaning up for him. I was able to obtain many parts, prints and patterns from him.

The prints show that Bates & Edmonds started in 1920, building a vertical oil engine with the Hvid fuel system. In the late 1920s Hill built a 5 x 7 model B engine with their own fuel system. I have one of these. Later model B's had Bosch systems. The model B was built in 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and V8 cylinders. The V8 was a monster! I would really like to find one!

In the mid 30s Hill made 10 opposed piston diesel engines, of which I have one. About 1924 the name changed from Bates & Edmonds to Hill Diesel Company. Bates & Edmonds, Hill, Oldsmobile, Ideal and Aermotor were all companies in Lansing, Michigan and had financial involvement with Ransom E. Olds, the developer of Olds Motor Car Company and Reo Motor Car Company.

Anyone with Hill diesels or who has information pertaining to this interest, I would love to talk. Phone: 616-781-7346.