More ENGINE Widows

| October/November 1985

Apparently the article we published in our August issue titled, Observations of an Engine Widow, by Jeannie Rolfe struck a familiar chord with a number of our women readers. Here are excerpts from two of the letters we received on the subject.

Mrs. Norm Hockemeier of Holbroo, Nebraska said of the article, 'Did it ever sound typical of our 'runs' to shows, swap meets, etc.'

She reports that there are several centennial celebrations in towns near her, and that her husband has been asked to bring engines this year. 'Good things, too have come out of the 'Engine Syndrome' of our family,' she reports. 'My husband and son go to shows together, and our unmarried daughter participates when possible. Also our oldest daughter's children go and ride the trains, pony rides, etc. that are available at the Kansas and Nebraska shows we attend. So what more important thing could there be than to bring families together? We notice others at the shows who make it a bond for their families also.

''One good point for the 'Gas Engine Nut' is that I have observed most of them bringing the same old wife to shows year after year. Perhaps we just get 'shuffled' in amongst the engines when being loaded, and look good so we get to go along Ha!

Mrs. Hockemeier concludes that, 'at least we don't seem to get swapped, horse traded, bought or sold as often as the engines. Better they trade engines than wives, right?'

Ruby Broyles of Route3, Waverly, Kansas 66871 says of Jeannie Rolfe's article, 'I couldn't have said it better myself. The difference here is it lasts more than with the two weekend events that she referred to around our area it begins in May and ends in late October with 2 to 3 day events at most shows.