Monkey Business and Small Engines

| May/June 1997

6 HP Economy engines

N927 River Drive, Menominee, Michigan 49858

I thought you would enjoy seeing pictures of my hobby with small engines of years past. My next birthday I will be 85 years old. I was advised by doctors to get rid of all my larger 'one lungers' because of heart strain in working with them, but I kept three of them, a 6 HP Economy, 6 HP Fairbanks-Morse and a 5 HP International. I enjoy so much hearing them run because, as a kid on our farm and surrounding farms, I worked around so many of them.

As the pictures show, I display some small engines at our local gas engine show at Escanaba, Michigan, to entertain, especially the kids and a great many old timers too.

I make these small engines perform some foolishness with monkeys and gorillas as victims. But I do have some engines pumping water, sawing wood, etc.

It's surprising how many people have never seen engines of this vintage in action!