Monitor Engine Show

| February/March 2002

John Fisher, Campbellsport, Wis., brought this nice 8 HP Heavy Pattern horizontal to the show. Bill Nicholson, Stoughton, Wis., built the beautiful 1/3-scale, 4 HP Monitor shown on the opposite page from a casting set produced by Pacific Model Design.

The Dodge County Antique Power Show at Burnett, Wis., featured Monitor gas engines as part of its 33rd annual show held Aug. 4-5, 2001, and the Monitor feature turned out bigger and better than any of the organizers ever imagined it would. Perhaps the last time there was this much Monitor iron in one place was back when Baker Manufacturing in Evansville, Wis., was still building them.

We wound up with a total of 54 Monitor engines, plus several feed grinders, saw rigs, pumps and pump jacks. We knew we'd have a good head start with Walter Thomas' collection of Monitors. Wally, from Hartford, Wis., always brings a nice bunch of Monitors to the Dodge County Show, and he was, in fact, the inspiration for the Monitor feature.

Wally brought everything he had, amounting to several trailer loads and including 12 engines plus several feed grinders, a saw rig, pump jacks and even a garden tractor powered with a Monitor VJ pump engine.

A Family Affair: Walter Thomas, Hartford, Wis., oils the main bearings on his 6 HP vertical while his wife Joyce.

Tends to one of the many engines they displayed. True fans of Monitor engines, the Thomas' brought a total of 12 Monitors to the show.