2004 NAMES Model Engine Show

Modeler's Corner

| June/July 2004

Hello again. As I write this month's article, I'm preparing to attend the 15th Annual North American Model Engineering Society Exposition (NAMES) in Southgate, Mich. I'm excited at the prospect of seeing many of my good friends, and I hope to make some new ones along the way. I'm also looking forward to seeing what new models have been built and what new ones will be offered for sale.

Over the years, I've seen many different kinds of models at NAMES. There are steam-type models (running off compressed air) of many different kinds (such as slide-valve models and walking-beam models), and of course there are four-stroke (and a few two-stroke) internal-combustion-type models.

However, I've yet to see any diesel-type models. I've never had the urge to build a diesel - is it the same for everyone else? Is it because of the high compression? Or is it the fuel used to fire a model can't be cut down? We find models running off propane fuel (these are great for indoors), Coleman-type fuel and fuels with additives (WD-40), and then there are models running on plain gasoline.

There are radials and multi-cylinder models, and hopper-cooled and air-cooled models. At NAMES, you find everything from complete models to models in progress - and casting parts waiting for the next mold to pour.

Along with these, you'll find model bar-stock engines and engines crafted from imagination - such as engines built from air compressors.

Model flame-licker engines (air-cooled and hopper-cooled) make the show, as do Stirling engines.