Miniature Land


| June/July 1988

  • 1987 Miniature land show
    Seventeen of the twenty-seven exhibitors attending 1987 Miniature land show.

  • 1987 Miniature land show


317 W. Locust St., St. Peter, MN 56082

Miniature Land show is a part of the Le Sueur County Pioneer Show. GEM ran a story in the August 1987 issue about our show, which I would like to continue .

The building in the 1987 issue of GEM has a new lean-to addition, 12 feet wide by 24 feet long, just for Miniature gas engines and would you believe we had 150 plus miniature gas engines that all were operational and one of those was the match box engine (2' fly wheel) which was built by Carl Vogt of Madison, WI. See picture in the Sept. issue of GEM.

Our new lean-to addition is called 'Miniature Gasoline Alley'.

Inside the 'Miniature Land building we had 65 miniature steam engines of all types operating on compressed air. John Paul Barklow bought a new 5 HP commercial air compressor for this and it handled all 65 engines.

Our third building rebuilt last year from an old grainery is called 'Miniature World'. It housed a miniature working model saw mill. About 30 miniature sewing machines, a childs working model of the 'Spirit of St. Louis', Charles Lindbergs famous airplane. Another new addition was an antique model printing press with a 12' round inking plate. It was printing one dollar pioneer bills. Operated by Robert Thomas, a retired printer. The printing press is owned by John O. Barklow.