Miniature Engine Collector

| August/September 1987

  • First Miniatureland
    This photo is of the first Miniatureland of 74-year old John Barklow.

  • First Miniatureland

317 W. Locust St. St. Peter, MN 56082

In 1979, I joined the LeSueur County Pioneer Power Association. I had one gas engine Pd bought and restored. It was a 1? HP. By show time, I had a 1? HP John Deere Pd found in a friend's chicken house all chicken tar and feathers. I gave it a bath and had it running in time for the show.

After one show loading those two engines I decided they were too heavy for me to handle. I had just retired from my truck driving job and have a weak back.

I am not an engineer or a tool and die maker so I decided to find something smaller. My son John Jr. is a tool and die man so he said, 'let's build some miniatures.' So I said to him, 'if you build some, I'll buy some.' He started and built a miniature Associated (Little Brother) air cooled engine.

I bought a Coles engine. Then I bought an Associated (Little Brother) air cooled.

Prior to the shows and the first D-40, my son bought me a toy steam tractor and he bought the stationary steam engine D-20.and the workshop M56 (Wilesco) all on page 55, April . issue of GEM.