| March/April 2001

10750 S. Vroman Road Shepherd, Michigan 48883-9352 Photos by Arnold Spencer

As I start this story on our 14th annual Blanchard Millpond Steam and Gas Show, I look out the window on this October morning and it is very foggy. Thus my thoughts go back to the nice and sunny weekend of August 25, 26 and 27,2000.

This year there was a very good turnout of exhibitors and spectators because of our interesting show, and the weather was just great.

New this year was a mini-mule pull, put on by the Michigan Sanctioned Mini-Mule Pull Association. For those who don't know what a mini-mule is, they are just a little bigger than a Shetland pony, but boy, can they pull! The winning team pulled 4,000 pounds on a steel sled.

This year's show was dedicated to the memory of George Moss, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, who passed away last winter. George was a loyal friend, always helpful and very knowledgeable. George showed and operated his steam traction engine at various shows around Michigan. He always had it at the Millpond Show every year and was a very good supporter of our show. He is sadly missed.

There were four steam traction engines shown this year, including George's, which was shown by his son Mike.