Midwest Old Threshers 44th Reunion

| June/July 1994

Gas engine of 1993's show

The New Way was the featured gas engine of 1993's show.

The 44th Midwest Old Threshers Reunion, September 2-6,1993, was quite the accomplishment. Despite two days of rain, the event was pulled off with tremendous efforts by the staff and volunteers. 'After the record floods and heavy rains earlier this summer, we were expecting a tremendous turnout at this year's event,' administrator Lennis Moore said. The crowds were very good, with a record number of visitors coming in on Saturday. Total attendance was 55,350, down just a little bit from last year all-in-all a great turnout.

With 300-plus antique tractors on the grounds, the tractor enthusiast could look to his or her delight. Besides parading in the Cavalcade of Power Saturday and Sunday, exhibitors participated in the antique tractor pull on Saturday morning. Baker fan and the belt driven dynamometer demonstrations were held daily. One of the highlights of the event was Dwight Shella-barger's tractor of the year, the La Crosse Line Drive. On several occasions we saw Dwight putting the La Crosse through its paces on the Old Threshers grounds.

This year's featured gas engine was the New Way engine (it goes and goes right!!!). Many New Way engines were displayed. With nearly 1,000 engines on the grounds, visitors were treated to a wide variety of demonstrations. Rock crushing, washing machines, and even powering a mini Ferris-wheel were presentations put on by the exhibitors.

The gas engine area also boasted two new engines. The first was a 35 HP Olin, the second a 20 HP Reid. Both were previously used to operate oil wells and were brought to Midwest Old Threshers through funding provided by the Old Threshers Foundation. Louis and Barry Tuller spearheaded the effort to bring the engines to the grounds. They also coordinated the transportation of the engines from the East Coast to Mt. Pleasant.

The grand finale of this year's reunion was the annual horse pull. What a close one that was!!! One inch separated the first and second place teams. We appreciate all the pullers that make our annual horse pull one of the most exciting events at our reunion.

This year also marked the opening of a new exhibit at Midwest Old Threshers. The Peterson Implement Exhibit is designed to show visitors what an implement dealership would look like in any small Midwestern town around 1939. It will be the introduction display to the 'American Farm Implement Exhibit' which is scheduled to be completed by 1995.