Meet Morris and Raymond Titus and Family

| February/March 1992

  • Four generations attend tractor show
    Twenty-eight years and going strong! Four generations attend tractor show: Raymond Titus, Morris Titus, Jane (Titus) Perkins, and Andy and Adam Perkins.

  • Four generations attend tractor show

9705 N. 500 E., Pendleton, Indiana 46064

Twenty-eight years ago Moe Titus and his uncle Hiram Titus ventured to Elwood, Indiana to see what was going on at the Elwood Historical Club. That was all it took for the bug to bite. A couple of weeks later the Titus' attended the Pioneer Engineers Club at Rushville with Moe's grandfather's engine. Moe remembered going with his grandfather, Jim Keller of Milner's Corner, to pump water for cows in a pasture using the engine for power.

Moe and his family have gone far and wide enjoying other shows and promoting the local shows.

Sharing his enthusiasm with his dad, children and now grandsons, has made this a true family affair.

Being one of the founders of the Tri State Gasoline Engine and Tractor Association at Portland, Indiana, some twenty-six years ago, and being chairman of the UAW Local 662 Antique Gas Engine and Tractor Show since its beginning, has given Mr. Titus much pleasure and satisfaction. 'It is fun to see others enjoying your hobby,' says Moe.