Massey-Harris, Fuller and Johnson Meet at Blanchard

| April/May 2000

  • Bob Prenzler
    Display of Bob Prenzler, of Brant, Michigan.
  • Tractors
    Owner of these tractors is Ken Gill, Springport, Michigan.

  • Bob Prenzler
  • Tractors

10750 S. Vroman Road Shepherd, Michigan 48883-9352

The weather was nice for the 13th annual Blanchard Millpond Steam and Gas Engine Show, which was held August 27, 28, and 29, 1999.

The overall response of the spectators was great as they enjoyed all of the vintage equipment, great food, flea market, relaxing with old friends, and making new friends.

We featured Massey-Harris-Ferguson tractors and equipment and Fuller and Johnson engines.

Clare Paton of Lucan, Ontario, Canada, had a nice display of Massey-Harris wrenches and memorabilia in our headquarters tent, along with Dave Schafer of Henderson, Michigan, who also had Massey-Harris memorabilia and a #44-M-H tractor. Bob Prenzler of Brant, Michigan, displayed two Massey-Harris 15-22 General Purpose tractors. Ken Gill of Springport, Michigan, exhibited several tractors; most notable were the #44 Special High Crop and a #0.44 Orchard, both Massey-Harris.

Steve Deleo, of Blanchard, Michigan, displayed his Massey-Harris Ferguson 85 and a Tea-20 with a standard car engine.