| March/April 1981

Holland, Texas, has a population of 723, but it annually stages a big Corn Festival, which this past summer drew an attendance of over 5,000.

Top booster for the Holland show is Darwin 'Monk' Ivicic, who serves as chairman. 'Since corn is farming,' he wrote to us, 'I try to get antique farm machinery displayed each year,'

The Texas Early Day Tractor and Gas Engine Association was featured in 1979. In judging of antique tractors, winners were; 1. Austin Bertrand, Gatesville; 2. (tie), Monk Ivicic, and Millers Mechanical Mart, Georgetown; 3. Lou Buice, Waco. Antique Machinery Winners: 1. Erwin Kretzschmar, Floresville; 2. Leland Towery, Holland, and Mink Ivicic 3.

A corn eating contest was also held. Judge for the event was 'Cousin Homer Page', nationally known for his own annual Invitational Cousin Homer Page Stewed Prune Pit, Run and Spit Contest, held each April at Trader's Village, Arlington, Texas.