LeSueur County

| March/April 1985

The 11th annual LeSueur County Pioneer Power Ass'n Threshing Show was held Aug. 24, 25, & 26, 1984 at the club's permanent-showgrounds located in the gently rolling countryside 6 miles east of LeSueur, Minnesota. Good weather and large crowds prevailed throughout the weekend.

From the original 15 charter members that started this non-profit organization 7 years ago, we have grown to 250 members. Also from the small 14 x 20 eat shack in the woods, which was the first building in 1979, to the large machine sheds, all steel shelters, miniatureland building, horse barn, complete blacksmith shop, 1897 Dresselville creamery, large sawmill building, and several smaller buildings that we now have. A 34  by 80 open front machine shed was built this fall by the members using club-sawed lumber.

We have now acquired the original 35 acre showsite plus additional land we plan to demonstrate more field work with horses, tractor, and steam. Corn will be grown to cut with a binder and used for shredding and for the silage cutter. More grain will be grown so we can keep the separators going steady. Most importantly, it will be used for additional parking space. All this in store for the '85 show.

On to our 1948 stats: 250 gas engines, 150 old tractors, 3 steam engines, 35 old cars and trucks, 8 teams of work horses, and many miniature and model steam planter lids, wood and metal working tools. Threshing is done with hand fed separators up to the large 36 by 60 machines, plowing from 1 to 8 bottom plows, corn shredding, shingle and lathe mills, lumber planer, the newly rebuilt veneer mill which intrigued many people, hay press, and finally to the one and only 1890 Melonek and Deutsch sawmill which was expertly rebuilt and anchored permanently on the showgrounds. This is a 2 man mill with 1 man running the control lever for the carriage and the other man standing on the back side of the truck operating the set works. It is an extremely interesting mill to watch at work. The 30 by 60 building erected over it was built with viewing pleasure and safety in mind. A new demonstration for '85 will be the operation of an Advance Rumely clover huller with slat stacker. Also on the grounds waiting for resurrection is a large stationary steam engine with generator which originally was used in a creamery in Wisconsin.

To mention a few other areas of interest: parade of equipment at 1:30 on Saturday and Sunday; pancake and sausage breakfast; Ladies Country Store; arts and crafts; Polka ecumenical church service; musical entertainment scheduled for all 3 days; exhibition tractor pull; children's barnyard and playground; crosscut log sawing contest; and most of all, plenty of friendship to go around. A special thank-you goes out to our many exhibitors, both our club members and non-members, some of whom travel as far as 400 miles to participate.

Anyone interested in renting video tapes of our 1984 show contact: Dennis Brown, Rt. 2, Box 232, Lakefield, MN 56150. Phone 507-662-5772. They make excellent entertainment for your monthly meetings.