Last Old Iron Show of the Millennium

Gas-up show brings in old iron from New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Ontario.

| May/June 2001

Edna Terrace, New Hartford, New York 13413

On October 28, 2000, my friend Wayne Grenning held a gas-up at his home in Lockport, New York. Although the gas-up was held at a time of year when most of the old Iron of upstate New York is in cold storage, the weather cooperated with a clear but crisp fall day.

For a first-time event, there were quite a few folks there, from New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Ontario, definitely an international event. Some very unusual engines were represented, including a Barrie engine made by the Canada Producer Gas Co. (photo 1). It was brought by Louis Barie, from Ontario, and has many unusual features for a small engine, including round connecting rod, cast name tag, ported exhaust, and counterbalanced crank (photo 2).

Photo 3 shows a fine Ajax engine owned by Stiles Bradley. It features a counterbalanced disk crank, and hit and miss governing. This is one of a very few 4 cycle Ajax engines left. Wayne, of course, had some of his goodies out for all to see, including his 5 HP electric lighting Otto (Photo 4). This engine has all original paint, and Wayne has it running to perfection. It is the subject of Wayne's current engine model project. Some of Wayne's world-famous models were also on display. Photo 5 shows a 1/7 scale Sombart, with prototype engine, an Ohio model built by Emory Campbell, a 2 cylinder Springfield, a regular Springfield scale, and a full size Parsell and Weed. Notice the brass blades of an original Lakebreese hot air fan behind the Sombart, and above that, a stack of rough base castings for the EL Otto model.

Lastly, Photo 5 shows a pair of engines made by the Bates and Edmonds Co., of Lansing, Michigan. These engines were both sold by the Fairbanks Co., and both have the original paint. The vertical is a 2 HP, made around 1907, and the Bulldog is a 2 HP, from around 1917. Behind that is a fine York engine. I am the proud owner of the Fairbanks engines, but, alas! not the York. Both of these engines feature the signature Bates and Edmonds 'pullrod' exhaust valve mechanism.

Other engines on hand include Craig Prucha's rare 10 HP, Boivard and Seyfang, a 1 HP Gray, 1 HP Associated, 1 HP Jaeger, 1 HP Economy, and a fine 10 HP Fairbanks-Morse 'N' pumping engine, belonging to Wayne. Many small toy steam engines were exhibited by Wayne, his son Alex, and me, along with other curiosities belonging to Wayne. It was a fine way to wrap up the 2000 show season, and a good final show of the millennium.