Labor Day at Jackson's Mill Engine Show

| February/March 1996

Rt. 2, Box 371-13 Buckhannon, West Virginia 26201

The Saturday before Labor Day, my neighbor Tim and I loaded 'ol' -pick-em-up' with goodies and went to the local flea market. We sold a little and I told Tim, 'Let's go to Jackson Mill tomorrow and I'll get you a roast beef that'll knock your socks off!' He said, 'Okay!'

I wanted to introduce him to some neat old iron 'close up and personal!' I knew a couple of people who make the Jubilee 'bout every year. Steve Lamb was there, doing the laundry, with his fine Maytag. Jed Mitchell had a few very nice pieces, including a Mc-Deering with an oversized cylinder oiler. He is also a member of the 'Spang-Gang,' six fellows who restored and exhibit a fine 10 HP Spang engine.

There were about 25 engines total and all were running, except a 1 HP Hercules that needed some little parts. There was a Spence portable steam engine and a couple of popcorn steamers all running. Sorry, no tractors yet. Maybe next year. Hope I can make it next year with some of my own to show.

If any of you are in our area next Labor Day, check us out at Jackson's Mill, just off I-79, near Weston, West Virginia. See you there! There's something for everyone!