| February/March 1986

Early morning rain and leaden skies didn't discourage the many engine people and their fans who defied the elements on opening day at the 4th Kansas and Oklahoma Steam and Gas Engine Show at Winfield, Kansas in September, 1985.

The Cowley County Fairgrounds proved an ideal site, with plenty of space for engines and the events on the program; areas in buildings for food, antique, book and flea market sales, and the big grandstand for the antique engine pull. Unfortunately, the second day was rained out.

By the oddest of coincidences, the batteries on both my cameras failed. On one, taking prints, I was able to buy new batteries from a helpful vendor whose name I don't know. The other camera appeared 'broke', but I learned about the dead battery after returning home.

Margaret, who knows about engines from her girlhood on a Montana ranch, and I both enjoyed the visit. Margaret's brother, M. K. Gordon, and his wife Betty live in Winfield. They issued the invitation for our visit, showed us around and had a good time, too.

Participation has been growing each year, according to Mace Archer, a jeweler who is on the club board and does 'what needs to be done' to help the gathering move smoothly. He cited the tractor pull as an example. The first, three years ago, drew about 15; the second, 30; this year's 50. He predicts 75 for 1986. Cutoff date is 1938.

Probably 175 exhibitors were on the grounds, most with gas tractors or stationary gas engines.