| November/December 1981

  • Advance Rumely School

  • Advance Rumely School

Rt. 2, Box 309, Wauchula, Florida 33873

The photo shown here is of the Advance Rumely School for the owners and dealers, which taught the operating and maintaining of their tractors. Complete instructions were given for several days, and then a banquet was enjoyed. Owners and dealers came from eastern United States. Other schools were held in various parts of the United States and Canada.

Identifying those whom I know as we face the picture, a little to the right from the center, in the third row back, is a man with no capbeside him to the right is Leo Harkness from Randolph, New York; next to him on the right is my father, Elwyn Nickerson, then from East Randolph, New York. Next to him is my Uncle John Frenty, New Albion, New York. On the left side of the picture, second row back on the left side of the electric pole, is Jack Helena, blockman for the company, from Rochester, New York. To his left is my Uncle Charlie Nickerson, agent for the company during the 1920s, from Jamestown, New York. All of these men are gone. It will be interesting if others can identify anyone in this picture.

This was the menu for the LaPorte, Indiana Banquet, held after the days of instruction, on February 22, 1924:


Fruit Cocktain
(a la Oil Pull)

Assorted Olives
(Oil Cooled)