| November/December 1981

  • John Deere model A
    John Deere model A, year 1934, serial 410,205.
  • John Deere model D
    John Deere model D, year 1925, serial 34,604 with 24' flywheel.

  • John Deere model A
  • John Deere model D

On a trip to New England this summer, I made a point of stopping by in Eastford, Connecticut, to see the John Deere Tractor Museum. Unfortunately, the owner, Ewald Ratasep, was not at home at the time but he has kindly sent me some information concerning his collection.

The collection includes, in Ratasep's words, 'the most popular tractor of its day, the main line, the biggest sellers of John Deere's in their time. I have all the important John Deere rarities that were commercially sold.' As of September, there were 19 tractors and 1 power unit in the collection, a list of which follows:

WB   R#3892 (1917)
JD D#30,988 (1924)
JD GP#200,466 (1928)
JD GPWT#400,262 (1929)
JD GPWT#P5030 (1930)
JD GPWT#403,386 (1934)
JD GPWT#405,071 (1932)
JD A#410,205 (1934)
JD A#477,438 (1938)
JD #488,743 (1939)
JD A#499,863 (1947)
JD 60#6,000,459 (1952)
JD 620#6, 200,002 (1956)
JD 730#7, 310,456 (1959)
JD 62#61,1010 (1937)
JD-L BOC#335,868 (1946)
W#5,266 (1951) (Power Unit)

Ratasep's Museum is informal and easy to locate, on Route 198 two miles south of Phoenixville, Connecticut. It is open all year, and you can contact Mr. Ratasep by writing to him at the museum in East-ford, Connecticut, 06242. This is probably the best collection of its kind in New England.