Joe's Show

| April/May 2001

Farmall C white demonstrator

Dan and Carol Tombrink, Columbia Falls, Montana; 1950 Farmall C white demonstrator.

27 Loon Lake Road Bigfork, Montana 59911

The Northwest Antique Power Association lost their president, Joe Nordtome, to a heart attack on July 21, 2000. Joe was our president for two years and was well liked by the club members, as he kept on top of things that make for a successful show. And so, we dedicated this year's show to the memory of Joe Nordtome.

It was bad enough to lose Joe just two months before our show, but we were shut out of our show grounds just one week before show time because of the dry conditions and the forest fires raging in Montana.

The show directors were hard pressed to find a private show grounds nearby, as all the advertising had been up for weeks. We were successful in finding a place about two blocks away.

Members worked hard on getting the grain wagons moved, along with the food trailer and other related items moved to the new show grounds by September 6.

Saturday, September 9, was our first show day, and how well we remembered it. After having no rain from July 6 until September 9, it just had to be cloudy and rainy. Sunday wasn't much better, cold, cloudy and light showers most of the day.