J. I. Case Collectors Winter Convention Report

| August/September 1990

131 Manor Drive Middleville, Michigan 49333

The J. I. Case Collector's Association, Inc., had another exciting annual winter convention at Sidney, Ohio on March 23rd and 24th. The Case get-together started with visits to four local Case Collectors. Ed Axthelm's Tractor Retirement Village, west of Cardington, occupied JICCA members for quite a while. There are more than just Case tractors at Ed's farm. Tractors and equipment of many colors are retired here.

At the 'Eagle's Rest,' Buzz Nealeigh's farm near Greenville, flambeau red, grey and early orange and green equipment were on display, along with a Case threshing machine. Some collectors did not realize that much Case equipment was green like their balers and cultivators. At the Nealeigh farm also was a fine display of one-half scale Case tractors handmade by Milt Deets of Dayton-a 12-20 cross motor Case, a threshing machine and a later model 1200 four-wheel drive Case Traction master.

Bruce Davis, just a few miles north of Sidney, had a display of grey and flambeau tractors from the Thirties. A Case thresher, combine, grain binder and silo blower were all attractive, as these galvanized pieces have not been restored, but still show off their original decals and good looks. Bruce also had a fine display of many Case plows.

At the farm of John Davis, near Maplewood, Ohio, the main attraction was the collection of Case cross motor models, Case Company's entry into the tractor market in the late teens and early Twenties. Members also enjoyed the red and grey tractors of Thirties vintage from John's collection and the later flambeau models. Each farm was interesting to visit, with attractive barns and workshops for collectors to stick their noses into. Hosting wives all provided cookies and refreshments for those on tour.

Saturday saw the annual Case auction, with everything from literature to engine parts, toys, paint, etc., an event everyone enjoys. These auctions also generate some laughter. Following the auction, the ladies displayed crafts of painting, needlepoint, crocheting, doll and teddy bear making.