Interstate 94

| September/October 1975

Crowd at Rogers threshing show

Courtesy of Walter Dehn, Anoka Engine Club, Rodgers, Minnesota 55374

Walter Dehn

Anoka Engine Club, Rodgers, Minn 55374

July, 1971; this was the year bulldozers began to clear the way for a freeway 94 by Rogers, Minnesota. A 1927 20-inch McCormick threshing machine was in the way. Adrean Milliss, whose farm it was on, and myself, a neighbor, started to rescue the small separator from the trees, about 4 inches in diameter, which had grown through the wheels. We decided to restore the thresher and in a month we had our first threshing show. In September 1972, we had our second show with a steam engine to run the thresher. In 1973 and also in 1974 the show started to grow. And the Anoka Engine Club was our sponsor.

This club has about 80 members and is very active. It has about 60% of its members at each monthly meeting.

Our show is called the Rogers Steam Threshing Show. About 5 thousand people attended the 1974 show. Five steam engines were on hand this year. A 25-85 Minneapolis owned by Joe Logas and with the help of Russ Persian of Buffalo. Joe or 'Engine Joe' also has a 16 horse Advance and a miniature Case steam engine.

John Shoening of Mound had this 50 horse Case engine. George Bensen and Charles Wokson were there with a 20 horse Advance Rumbley.

I had a 45 Case steam engine and a 9 horse model Case engine. Ron Westphael of Elk River had his 1916-35-70 tractor, a 2 cylinder 1910-30-60 Hart Parr and a 1916-15-30 1 cylinder Rumley Oil Pull along with several large gas engines. Jack Dahlheimer had his 20 in. hand feed, about 1890 separator, called Favorite, made in Pennsylvania.