International Friendship Grows


| November/December 1993

1361 Sherwood Forrest Road Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania 18360

Back in February of 1988, GEM published the story and pictures of my 6 HP Olds engine.

Well, a few months went by and one day I received a letter from Holland.

I knew I didn't know anyone in Holland, but when I opened the letter, a $50.00 bill fell on the table! The letter was from Hubb and Nellie Ven. Hubb had seen the write-up and pictures of my 6 HP Olds in GEM and needed help. He had a 3 HP Olds in very bad shape, with no carburetor or governor.

To look at it today, completely restored, you would never know what bad shape it was really in. He needed two major parts for the engine.

I had a 6 HP Olds and Hubb had a 3 HP Olds, and the parts were all completely different from each other in size. The first thing I did was send back part of the money he had sent me.