Interesting Photos

| February/March 1998

4 HP Myrick Eclipse

3 Edna Terrace New Hartford, New York 13413

These are pictures of some of my engines that I have been working on this year.

Photo 1 is a 3 HP Fairbanks Morse Z that I have had for years. I repainted it, put it on a cart, and did some minor repairs. This is a 1918 pattern engine with a Sumter Plug oscillator.

Photo 2 is a 4 HP Myrick Eclipse that I repainted, fixed the sheet metal on, welded broken parts, etc. I bought it about eight years ago from a collector who got it two years earlier from an old oil lease. It is air cooled, hot tube ignition, with an unusual inertia governor. It was originally attached to an oil well pump. It will go on its cart in the spring.

Photo 3 is of a 2 HP Bovaird & Company engine. There seems to be only one or two of this size around anymore. Many thanks to Mike Fuoco for his help with some of the parts and information on this engine.

I would also like to thank Mr. G. H. Van Dijk of Groningen, Netherlands for the info and manual on the generator I inquired about in the May 97 GEM (32-8-24). It was made by Douglas Kinswood Ltd., of England, and was used as a 12-volt charger set. It is war surplus and is missing more parts than I thought!