| May/June 1977

Corydon, Iowa 50060

The Civil War finally came to the end on Friday evening, February 25th at the Black Kettle Cafe on highway 5 north of Unionville, Missouri.

A handful of Yankees met with a like amount of Rebels to discuss casting their swords into gas engines.

One Rebel, Kenny Lupton, of Unionville, Missouri brought a set of castings he made into an engine and displayed them to the group. This engine, patterned after an old antique gas engine is only around 14' long. Although this engine was admired by many, one Yankee, Dean Kenney, of Corydon, Ia. insisted on taking the blue prints home with him to study as he still thinks Kenny Lupton just plain filed down a big engine to that small size.

A new antique gas engine club was formed from this meeting. The club's name is IAMO, standing for Iowa and Missouri. Officers chosen for the club were Dana Davis, president, Lemons, Missouri, Kenny Lupton, vice president, Unionville, Missouri, Don Ellison, secretary-treasurer, Unionville, Iowa. Board members, Ersa Williamson, Corydon, Iowa, C. W. Tucker, Newton, Missouri, and Gerry Barrickman, Centerville, Iowa. Eighteen members signed up and anyone interested in joining should contact any of these officers.

The club has three projects to work on this year; the Centennial celebration July 1-4 at Lemons, Missouri, the Elmgrove Threshing Show at Centerville, Iowa, July 16-17; and the Unionville, Missouri County Fair, date not known at this time. Also, various members of the club will be helping with other shows over the country.