| September/October 1977

Don Ellison Club Secretary

Ia-Mo Club Secretary, Don Ellison, of Unionville and 6 HP Associated at Elm Grove.

Corydon, Iowa 50060

The Ia-Mo, a newly formed Iowa and Missouri Gas Engine and Old Tractor Club went into action for the first time as a Club, July 1, 2, 3, 4, at the Lemons, Missouri Centennial Celebration. Practically all club members were present at sometime or other for this event. I missed this show and had to rely on several of the members for news of this celebration.

There were 32 gas engines on display. Dano Davis and Eso Williamson had their Case steam engine going all the days of this event. Dano, who held down many jobs at this celebration was too busy to operate the engine, so Pearl Binau of Allerton, Iowa came to the rescue. Pearl grew up around steam engines and now though he is retired, is in his second or third childhood (he isn't sure which) going around and operating steam engines at various shows.

The Lemons Parade was over two miles long. Kenny Lupton, the Ia-Mo vice-president was on Channel 3 TV station helping them show the parade. Dano Davis received first prize for his beard. He said he nearly tore it out before the celebration was over.

This celebration was helped out in the gas engine section by several members from the Central Hawkeye Club. The Ries boys from Murray, Iowa were there with nice exhibits. Richard Gladlock from Mendon, Missouri came with a trailer load of engines and Leroy and Shirley Fry from Mendon, Mo. came with a trailer load of old machinery (more about this later). I also heard there were around 160 head of horses in the parade. The Barrackman Brothers from Centerville, Iowa bought a nice cross motor Case tractor to the show which 'konked' out as the parade started.

Howard Ferris of Centerville, Iowa came to the rescue with a GP John Deere and towed it through the parade. After the parade, as you would guess, the cross motor Case started and ran fine. Eso Williamson of Corydon, Iowa took a trailer load of old items to this show. I was able to get a picture of Eso's display here in Corydon. It consisted of an old wooden two-row corn planter, a wheelbarrow seeder, an upright Witte pump engine, pump and water trough and an old hand powered washing machine. I was sorry to miss the show as I know these Missouri people treat you so many different ways. You are sure to be pleased with some of them.