| January/February 2003

I'm not surprised at the growing popularity in shows, and those of you who have been around the show circuit for any length of time probably aren't, either. We already know what many other people are learning - our hobby isn't just about showing old equipment, it's also about preserving a piece of our heritage, keeping the past alive so current generations (and those yet to come) will have an appreciation for how we once lived and what we were working for. These old engines we collect were marvels in their time, and under the stewardship of the old iron community they continue to inspire a sense of appreciation and respect for what came before.

It will, undoubtably, be another banner year in the old iron collective, and I can't wait to see what surprises are in store for us. 'New' old engines continue to come out of the woodwork, and the resolve of collectors and restorers to get their old iron back into running shape, and to share their equipment and experiences with the rest of us, never ceases to amaze me.