History of the Cornmeal Unit

| June/July 1991

  • 2 HP Lauson engine

  • 2 HP Lauson engine

38 Lovell Rd, Stratham, New Hampshire 03885

I have been asked by several people to write a history of the Cornmeal Unit, people who think it might interest others.

In about 1980-81 I acquired a 3 HP International gas engine, weighing 478 pounds. To get it to shows, I bought a trailer, unassembled. I put it all together, to load on the International.

About the time I finished the trailer assembly, I saw a 2 HP Lauson engine for sale at an engine show in South Hampton, New Hampshire. This one was a little different from my other engines, and a few days later, I found the owner in Amesburg, Massachusetts and bought it. I soon realized that it was in good shape, also quite dependable, easy to start, etc. This was in the late fall of 1981.

I wanted to be able to go out and start it, just to hear an old engine run during the winter. (They say all old engine buffs are nuts!) I built a temporary house for it out of scraps, then put it on the trailer to keep it off the ground.

At this time, a friend called saying a yard sale was in progress in New Market, New Hampshire, and might have something I would want. I went over and purchased a post drill.