HISTORIC Engines MOVED to Macon

| July/August 1986

Reprinted with permission from The Macon County journal

The Macon County Flywheel and Collectible Club recently began moving two stationary steam engines from Kirksville to the old tennis courts at the Macon County Fairgrounds Park.

The engines are to be set in concrete and reassembled, and then the club hopes to begin construction of a pole-type structure which will house not only the engines, but other items transforming the structure into a museum, Willard Main, president of the club said.

The engines were donated to the club by the Baldwin family in Kirksville in 1984. They were used to generate electricity in the old shoe factory in Kirksville.

Since 1984, members of the club have been dismantling the engines for transportation to Macon.

One of the engines was patented on Sept. 15, 1885 and was manufactured by Dynamo Engine Co. of Ridge way, PA. The 'ridge way Engine' has a 22-inch bore, a 22-inch stroke, and generated 300 HP at 200 rpm.