Her First Maytag and Her First Show

| February/March 1996

  • Chelsea Bone with Bill Petrea
    Chelsea Bone with Bill Petrea on September 10,1995. Poster board of photos of Chelsea as she worked on her Maytag from start to finish in our shop.

  • Chelsea Bone with Bill Petrea

225 N. Morrison St., Centralia, Illinois 62801

Chelsea is my oldest granddaughter 'daughter' who lives with me and my wife Karen. I have always been Dad to her and Karen is Nanny. Chelsea is my little shadow, whether out in the shop or fishing or whatever I do. She is the oldest of ten grandchildren.

I have several air cooled engines. Last September, 1994, when I came home with a 1938 Maytag Twin, Chelsea said, 'Dad, this one is my motor.' Ha! So, Dad said, 'Okay, but you must do the work on it and I will be the teacher.' So the winter of 1994/95, we started. Chelsea tore down, checked and put back together the Twin. She painted and polished all winter, with a bit of help.

She is very proud of her Maytag Twin serial #85248, model 72D, and I am proud of her for what she has done.

Chelsea started helping in the shop at age three. She will be eight in February, and is an A-plus second grader.

Chelsea and I are both members of Southern Illinois Antique Power Club.