| July/August 1972

John Deere Section

603 Fremont Street, Middleville, Michigan 49333.

Ottawa Log Saw was abandoned in a woods lot for 25 years. It represents six months of spare time work to put it in A-1 running condition. Acquired the cord wood attachment for this machine-Serial No. TE26266, 5-H. P., 550 Speed.

For those of you who live on farms, here is something that may prove helpful: A very good and effective single wire fence stretcher can be made from an automotive bumper jack. I don't believe any directions are necessary for this. It's also very handy as a belt tightened, when needed, as well as a hoist for lifting heavy objects.

I've worked on some engines (grinding valves, etc.) where it was almost impossible to unscrew the exhaust pipe and remove it from the cylinder head. A bit of graphite mixed with oil would have made removal much easier, if applied originally.

Some owners of McCormick-Deering Type M Engines operated them for some time before finding out that the ex tension on the crankshaft was a grease cup for lubrication of the connecting rod bearing. This was threaded left hand, so it could be screwed up while the engine was running. These engines had a removable cylinder sleeve, which apparently some are not aware of.

An I. H. C. famous engine was ready for the scrap heap when found; has been restored and is now in A-1 running condition. Serial No. LA24995, 3-H. P., Speed 360.