Hawkeye Show

| November/December 1977

Corydon, Iowa 50060

The Central Hawkeye Gas Engine and Old Tractor Club held their Second Annual Show July 23 & 24 at their new show grounds near Waukee, Iowa. This is an ideal location. It's just a short distance off of I 80, about 9 miles West of where 180 and 135 join each other for a spell, in other words, if you are on I 80, take Exit 29 and put on the brakes for you are there.

This was the second year at this location for the Club. Twenty one members of the Club went together and bought 27 acres of land here. For a number of years the Central Hawkeye Club put on the show at Living History Farms near Des Moines, Iowa.

The Club was forced to hunt a different location and this has really helped the Club as they now can have a swap tent, flea markets and plenty of rest rooms. The location is ideal for a show. Lots of shade, etc., and it is hoped to have electricity by next year. There is room for threshing, plowing with antique tractors and lots of room for campers.

What is a good engine show? To me, it is the engines, with all the extra little goodies that the exhibitors bring along too. Such as the root cutter for cutting roots to feed poultry etc., brought to the show by Charley Smith of Melbourne, Iowa. Or the crazy tree saw shown by Christie Wurster of Zeoring, Iowa. Or maybe the stuffed 2-headed calf shown along with other interesting items by George Preston of Bell Plaine, Iowa. I had seen George's exhibit a few times at Mount Pleasant, Iowa and it was at one of these shows I saw George's hot fan. This was the first time I had ever heard of a hot air engine or vacuum engine.

There were lots of engines at this show. Duane Parsons said Saturday afternoon there were on hand 167 gas engines, 85 model engines, 29 tractors and one big steam engine and a half grown one. The model engine display was a show of its own.