Harvest Festival REPORT

| April/May 2001

John Deere plow

1917 Holt 75 HP with a 12 bottom John Deere plow.

Reynolds-Alberta Museum Box 6360 Wetaskiwin. Alberta T9A 2G1

The farm machinery was humming and the ovens were hot! More than 3,700 visitors came to celebrate the historic sights, sounds and smells of bringing in the harvest at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada, on Harvest Festival weekend, September 2, 3 and 4, 2000.

In spite of a few days of rain, more than 40 pieces of vintage agricultural machinery were operating and on display as the crew brought in the harvest. Visitors were excited to see the plowing and threshing demonstrations using steam traction engines. These impressive giants of the field also took part in a daily 'Parade of Power,' complete with lively technical and color commentary.

A working display of stationary engines, including a c. 1905 Galloway 5 HP and a c. 1906 IHC Famous 3 HP, was of particular interest.

Visitors also got involved in the activities: stooking, grinding grain, and being part of a human plow! Demonstrations also included flailing and winnowing.

Some took us up on the many opportunities we offered to learn how to bake bread, but everyone took the opportunity to sample a slice!