HARVEST FESTIVAL at Reynolds-Alberta Museum

| September/October 1996

  • McCormick Deering Separator
    Reynolds-Alberta Museum, McCormick Deering 22' separator.

  • McCormick Deering Separator

Reynolds-Alberta Museum, PO Box 6360 Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada T9A 2G1

The Harvest Festival weekend at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada, was enjoyed by more than 4000 visitors. Indoor and outdoor demonstrations and activities took place each day.

More than 35 pieces of vintage agricultural machinery were operating and on display as the crew brought in the harvest of 30 acres. The vintage tractors included a 1910 Fairbanks-Morse, 1911 Nichols and Shepard steam tractor, 1914 Rumely steam tractor, 1917 Holt Caterpillar, 1922 Sawyer Massey steam tractor. Of special interest was the 1908 International Harvester Corporation 12 HP friction drive gas traction engine used in combination with a 1915 Call-of-the-West hand feed thresher.

Some visitors chose to watch, while others took an active role in steam threshing, combining, binding, stooking, baling, grain grinding and grain cleaning.

Interpretive programming included flailing, winnowing, grinding and bread baking.

New components to this year's Festival were bread baking and tasting. Bread baking demonstrations included Ukrainian Kolach (braided bread), sour dough, country, raisin, rye, and fruit.