Hart Parr-Oliver Collectors' Winter Meeting

| October/November 1992

4777 Upper Valley Pike, Dayton, Ohio 45424

The Hart Parr-Oliver Collector's Association held their annual Winter Get-Together at the Elk's Club, Jeffersonville, Indiana, February 15, 1992. The date was timely set when the National Farm Machinery Show was in progress at Louisville, Kentucky. This was a double incentive for the people to break out of their warm winter hibernation in front of the TV.

Ken Steinback of Cambridge, Ohio, using his own vast literature collection plus contributions from Mike Hodupp and others, put up a fine display at the Machinery Show. His six days at the show resulted in many new members coming into the club. Others who willingly gave their time at the display were Mike Hodupp of Van Buren, Indiana, and Landis Zimmerman from Ephrata, Pennsylvania, who has a crawler parts and welding business.

Next to the Oliver display Pat Ertl had his colorful stand where he sold many new subscriptions to his Antique Power magazine.

Beyond Pat was the IHC display, highlighted by a beautifully restored Farmall C. This created a lot of interest in the Red Power Club and added many new members.

The activities started at noon Saturday at the Elk's Club. Mary Hodupp and Hope Daley greeted the arrivals and gave out name tags. Fresh coffee and cookies were nearby, which put a smile on everyone's face.