GATHERING Up the Pieces

| September/October 1986

  • 1920 Fordson

  • 1920 Fordson

7493 Bagdad Street, San Diego, California 92111

A few years ago my neighbors thought I had gone bonkers when a couple of friends helped me drag an old rusty 1920 Fordson tractor into my patio area. Steering and engine all frozen up and the entire machine rusted beyond the artistic state, I began renovation. Never really expecting this machine to run again, I had in mind making an advertising eye catcher out of it. But when I managed to free up the engine I decided to try to make it run, so bought new coils, plugs, and made up a wiring harness, and finally got it running.

Subsequently I put it in a couple of shows and parades at the Southwest Antique Gas &. Steam Engine Association in Vista, California. I also use it to buzz my firewood.

So one day I'm reading GEM and see an ad by someone wanting a 1920 Fordson. I call the number and get Bob McVicar in Sedgwick, Kansas, who said he wanted that particular year to complete his collection filling the 1920 blank. He had by this time found several much closer. So I said that if he had such a collection did he have any extra fenders. Sure enough he did, and said I could have a set if I'd find a way to get them to San Diego.

And in further reading in G.E.M I see an ad for a gentleman desiring to start a 'Connection Service.' For a small fee he would line up someone transporting from X to Y. A genial 'Red' Good burn in North Mankato, Minnesota, lined me up with a gentleman in Illinois traveling to Arcadia, California, and for a fee, stopped by Sedgwick, Kansas and picked up the set of fenders. On January 28th I picked up the fenders and with a little preservation work prepared them for installation.

All part of the fun of such a crazy hobby, G.E.M. enhances the flavor considerably. The enclosed picture shows my 'preserved' 1920 Ford son, and attests to the effectiveness of the 'connection service.' Thanks to all concerned.