The Gas-Up Show in Fairview and Tall Tales of Gas Engines

The author tells the latest on the Gas-Up Show in Fairview and shares tall tales about gas engines and a visit with Gas Engine Magazine and Iron Men Album editors.

| July/August 1966

Learn about the Gas-Up Show in Fairview and tall tales about gas engines. 

The Gas-Up Show in Fairville on May first was a huge success. The sun shown all day, although it was cold and windy. Lots better than having it rain. Paul counted approximately thirty-five gas engines in operation, eight tractors, one steamer and the baker fan. Wish I knew how many people were there. It was a goodly number. I believe everyone had a good time. It is my suggestion, and I have heard it expressed by others, that it would be a good idea to have a few more get-togethers in other parts of the state so other members could show off their collections. What do you think?

There were about fifty-five present at the April third meeting. It was voted to purchase red engineering caps to have for sale. It was reported that the tractors of the late Harry Schoff have about all been sold. We voted to donate $3.00 for each antique car which shows up on Sunday from the Livingston Antique Car Club. The money is to go to the club treasury. Richard Shaw and his son of Newfane showed some very interesting movies and slides of their last summer's trip to Alaska. Too bad the light in the hall is not conducive to showing pictures. Maybe something could be done about it. Any suggestions?

On May first there was a short meeting of the Board of Directors. The Treas. reported a balance in the bank as of May 1st. of $810.32. The following chairmen of committees were appointed: Gas: George Knab and Franklin Orbaker; Shingle mill: George Knab and Milton Skinner; Models: Clarence Stilson; Parking: Franklin Orbaker; Electricity Dick Wood; Garbage Franklin Orbaker; Insurance Don Luteyn; Wheat Franklin Orbaker; Threshing David Shearns; Logs for sawmill Paul Luckman; Tents: Don Luteyn. Milt Skinner will build two ticket booths measuring 4 feet by 4 feet. Our property which is still at Honeoye Falls will be picked up on May fifteenth. There will be other work days needed before the Reunion to get things in shape, so please help if you are called on. The secretary was instructed to mail out a letter to all of the 1964-65 members who did not rejoin, to inform them of the change in location of the meetings and the reunion.

"Well ennyvays this dirt fanner ask I should shoe his ox, so I get ther he aint home, the farmer I mean, so hees wife says go oudt to the barn you find him, so I go an get in the barn yard an see a head coming round the straw stuck an he cum for me, dis vas the bull not the ox. No place to run only round the stuck. I run round bout two time and jump in the barn over the haff door, am litenin on a limb. Did dat bull go, last time I saw him he vas going like a vind spliter."

—Gotleib "The Blocksmith" 


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